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Root Canal

Dental Arts of Hastings-on-Hudson offers comfortable and caring root canal procedures. A root canal may be necessary due to decay, infection, trauma, or a dead nerve. Warning signs include tooth sensitivity and pain while chewing.

Our board-certified endodontists provide you with highest quality care.
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Ready to fall asleep during your root canal? At Dental Arts of Hastings-on-Hudson our root canal specialist, also known as an endodontist, is well regarded in the Westchester community for the surprising comfort and care during root canal procedures. 

A root canal is needed in the following scenarios:

*The tooth is decayed into the pulp or nerve of the tooth, and a filling cannot fix the problem

*The tooth or nerve has become infected

*Trauma or injury to the tooth that has affected the nerve

*The nerve of the tooth has died

Why Choose Dental Arts of Hastings-on-Hudson for Your Root Canal procedure?

*Board certified endodontist with a well proven track record of successful outcomes

*20 years of experience in root canal dentistry

*Precision instruments ensure complete disinfection of the tooth

*Extraordinary care is given to your comfort

*High quality materials are used to save the tooth 

*Cost effective root canal care allows for payment plans and utilization of insurance

How a root canal is performed:

*A small hole is made with precision instruments to protect the tooth, and the infected nerve, decay, and pulp are removed

*The canals of the tooth are sterilized and medication is placed

*A temporary filling is placed until a final crown can be delivered to restore the tooth to its original strength and function

Warning Signs that you may need a root canal

*sensitivity to hot, cold, pressure

*a severe toothache

*pain upon chewing

*when the tooth becomes darker

If you think you may need a root canal, or a cavity has gone long unchecked, book a free consultation with our endodontist to save your tooth. 

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