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Protect your teeth with dental sealants, a preventive coating that prevents cavities on the chewing surface of teeth. They are effective, and can last up to ten years.

Apply sealants in a few short minutes during your preventive checkup and cleaning.
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A sealant is a preventive clear coating painted and cured or “sealed” into the deep groves of a tooth, where bacteria and food get trapped and develop into cavities over time. Sealants aren’t just for children anymore, these non-invasive preventive coverings are highly effective at preventing cavities on the chewing surfaces of the teeth.

There are many reasons to take extra protective measures to prevent cavities by placing a dental sealant. You may be cavity prone if you:

Have a family history of cavities

Are taking medications

Have an acidic diet or acid reflux

Eat or drink a lot of sugary foods or beverages

Have trouble keeping up with your brushing and flossing habits

Have a medical condition like cancer

A dental sealant is:

Virtually Invisible

Much less costly than a filling

Completely non-invasive

Applied without any discomfort

Highly effective in preventing cavities on the chewing surfaces of teeth

How dental sealants are applied in a few short minutes:

  1. The tooth is cleaned and dried
  2. A solution is applied to help bond the sealant to the tooth
  3. The protective resin material called a sealant is applied
  4. A curing light is used to strengthen and harden the sealant

How long do sealants last?

From two to ten years, depending on how well they are maintained

How effective is a sealant?

Dental sealants can reduce cavity risk by up to 70%

If you care about preventing dental problems before they happen, or worry about getting cavities, gain peace of mind with dental sealants for children and adults at Dental Arts of Hastings-on-Hudson. Add this procedure to your next preventive checkup and cleaning for minimal time and cost. 

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