Periodontics and Osseous Surgery – Hastings-on-Hudson

Periodontics and Osseous Surgery

Our periodontist at Dentals Of Hastings-on-Hudson use the most up to date surgical and nonsurgical methods to address your gum issues.

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Gum disease if left unchecked, can lead to an infection of the bones that support the teeth. This is when it’s necessary to see a periodontist. A periodontist or gum specialist will remove the infected gums and bone with a procedure called osseous surgery. 

We need our gums and bones to support our teeth, and when they become infected, we risk the teeth becoming loose or lost completely. A periodontist will use surgical instruments to remove infection, and will provide a treatment plan to stop the disease from progressing which may include the use of dental laser therapy. 

Choose a periodontist in the Hastings-on-Hudson area with a reputation for excellence and patient-friendly bedside manner. Our periodontist is equipped with the latest technology and training to address all gum issues with both surgical and nonsurgical expertise. These periodontal procedures may include:

  • Gum grafting to repair receding gums
  • Cosmetic gum recontouring to remedy a gummy smile
  • Laser periodontal therapy 
  • Dental implant surgery
  • Aesthetic gum lift
  • Sinus lift to make room for dental implants in the upper jaw
  • Osseous surgery to address advanced gum disease
  • Non surgical gum therapy such as scaling and root planing

If you have been referred to a local periodontist in the Tarrytown and Irvington area, and need help choosing where to go and what your insurance will cover, please contact our office for a free periodontal evaluation. 

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