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Scaling and Root Planing/Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning or scaling and root planing is needed to remove hardened plaque below the gum line that causes periodontal disease. Without treatment, bacteria can spread and lead to bone and tooth loss. Warning signs include bad breath, sore and bleeding gums, and loose teeth.

Regular dental visits and proper oral care can prevent gum disease from coming back.
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A deep cleaning or scaling and root planing is the removal of hardened plaque known as dental calculus that has accumulated below the gum line, leading to dental infection known as periodontal disease. 

Patients who are at risk of periodontal disease and in need of a deep cleaning may have the following:

  • A family history of gum disease
  • Trouble keeping up with regular brushing and flossing
  • A long lapse in dental visits

If it’s been a long time since you’ve been to the dentist, not to worry. We’ll make sure you’re completely comfortable throughout your visit and can utilize topical numbing gel as well as local anesthetic. Since it’s been several visits you need to catch up, so it’s understandable that a regular cleaning just won’t be enough. Healthy prophylaxis, also known as a teeth cleaning, cleans above the gum line, but if bacteria has traveled below the gum line where your toothbrush and floss can’t reach, the accumulation of plaque can only be removed by a trained dental hygienist and their special instruments. 

Without a deep cleaning, over time, bacteria and infection will spread throughout the gums, jaw, and into other areas of the body through the bloodstream. This puts the body in a state of inflammation causing a negative impact in your overall health. Deep cleanings are more than prevention, they are urgent and mandatory to prevent gum infection from spreading.

Gum disease can be stopped in its tracks with a deep cleaning and supportive antibiotic therapy, sometimes with or without the use of dental lasers. Proper at home oral care and routine visits up to 4 times a year can keep gum disease from coming back.

If left unchecked gum disease leads to bone loss and tooth loss, as well as bad breath. Warning signs of gum disease are:

  • Bad breath
  • Sore gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth

Our periodontal specialists and dental hygiene team are trained to spot signs of gum disease by examining x-rays and taking measurements around the teeth and gums. If your dentist recommends a deep cleaning, don’t delay. We’ll disinfect the areas of bacteria and infection and get your gums healthy. You may continue to be monitored by a periodontist to return your mouth to a healthy condition. For a periodontal evaluation at no cost to you, contact Dental Arts of Hastings-on-Hudson today.

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