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Custom fit night guards can prevent costly dental damage from nighttime grinding or clenching known as Bruxism. Without protection, one may face teeth damage, aging, gum recession, and sensitivity. Night guards are comfortable and provide longer-lasting protection.

In need of Nightgaurds? Dental Arts Of Hastings-on-Hudson has you covered.
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Most busy professionals in the Hastings-on-Hudson area experience nighttime grinding or clenching known as Bruxism. A protective custom fit nightguard is a cost-effective way to prevent costly dental damage down the road

Dangers of Bruxism

If left unprotected without a dental nightguard, nighttime clenchers and grinders can expect the following risks of Bruxism:

*Broken teeth

*Early aging on the teeth

*Shifting teeth

*Chipping teeth

*Teeth shortening

*Gums receding

*Flat teeth

*Sensitive teeth

*Cracked or fractured teeth

If your dentist notices signs of wearing, clenching or grinding associated with Bruxism, he or she will recommend a protective nightguard.The process of creating a custom protective dental nightguard is as follows:

  1. A 3d digital scan is taken of your smile
  2. A high quality laboratory makes a comfortable nightguard to fit and protect your teeth
  3. The nightguard is fitted and adjusted for maximum comfort

Why choose a night guard made by a dentist?

*Longer lasting, more durable

*Greater comfort and wearability

*Prevent any damage to the gums

*Ensure no issues with your bite that could potentially worsen the effects of TMJ

Investing in a nightguard today saves thousands of dollars in damage in the long run. Many insurance companies will even help to offset the cost. To check your insurance benefits for nightguard coverage, speak to one of our treatment coordinators about payment options and coverage. 

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