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Zoom Teeth Whitening Irvington| Zoom Teeth Whitening Dobbs Ferry


Do you desire a brighter & whiter smile? If you choose to endure a Zoom procedure there is no need to deal with messy home kits. We can help you obtain a brighter and whiter smile in the course of one hour. The great thing is the Zoom teeth whitening procedure is performed in our office, thus taking all of the messiness out of the teeth whitening process.


In order to begin the Zoom process, a series of pictures are taken of a patient’s teeth. Then, the cleaning procedure is carried out, which involves the utilization of a hydrogen peroxide formula being placed on the top surface of the teeth of an individual. After the formula has been put into place, we shine a blue activation light directly onto the surface of a patient’s teeth. This patented light is placed on the patients teeth for twenty minute intervals. The patient simply sets back and relaxes while the procedure is being performed. The Zoom process is safe and gentle, it is amongst one of the most effective teeth whitening procedures on the market, and it can be completed in one hour!

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Patients who use our system are fitted for a set of custom dental trays. These comfortable trays are designed to precisely fit each individual patient, unlike the over-the-counter products sold in stores, which take a "one size fits all"; approach. The custom fit allows maximum whitening while using less bleaching gel, because the gel can reach all areas of a patient’s teeth. When you come to our office for teeth whitening, we will first do a thorough examination and cleaning of your teeth. Studies have shown that whitening procedures are more effective and last longer when performed on clean teeth. We also need to make sure that there are no dental health issues (cavities, loose fillings, sensitive teeth) that need to be addressed before the whitening procedure begins.

We can also customize the trays to make sure they don’t cover sensitive areas of certain teeth and make sure that the trays don’t cover the gumline, since some patients’ gums are sensitive to the bleaching gel.

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