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Victor Terranova, D.M.D., M.S.,Ph.D., has a long and distinguished career in the field of dentistry. His expertise spans four decades in dentistry, having owned his own practice, previously holding a staff position at the National Institutes of Health and Columbia University, and is President of Cytotaxis, Inc. and Chief Scientific Officer for Contran Medical Technologies. Dr. Terranova performs all the oral surgery, implants, extractions. and maxillo-facial surgeries needed at the practice. He holds a dual degree having trained in all major maxillofacial surgical procedures. He has plastic surgery training and oral pathology training. In his spare time, Dr. Terranova enjoys skiing competitively, racing at Lime Rock, and participating in competitive tennis.

Dr. Terranova has a praticular interest in implants for immune compromised patients. He has successfully placed implants in patients that have bone loss due to radiation therapy. He also performs gum grafts, periodontal surgery, crown lengthening, periodontal scaling and he has successfully treated TMJ in many patients suffering from bruximsm and other issues.

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Dr. Terranova discusses stem cell therapy and PRP for immune compromised patients.

Victor Terranova, D.M.D., M.S.,Ph.D., is a pioneer in the implant industry on the East Coast with over 40 years clinical and practical experience. Recently he has focused on patients that are immuno compromised in their ability for their body to accept dental implants. Some patients may have had chemotherapy and therefore there have degeneration in the bone, others may be diabetic and may have severe periodontal issues that they are combating and being managed by Dr. Terranova. Dr. Terranova uses a method in dental implantology called " PRP and bone morphogenic growth factor' whereby part of the patient’s blood is used to speed the healing process. During the process the patient’s body produces many cells of a particular type (often called growth factors) at the area of the wound that will initiate the healing process. When a patient receives more growth factors directly to the wound area, i.e. where the extraction has taken place and now an implant is being placed, it creates more stem cells which become stimulated in order to produce new host tissue.

When PRP is delivered in this way to the ‘wound area’ it allows the process of healing to work faster and more efficiently with a greater chance of the implant being a success. Dr. Terranova is quick to allay any fears that a patient may have who hears the word ‘blood’ and becomes nervous. “The PRP is a product of the patient’s own blood therefore there is no issue of transmitting disease. The procedure can be performed at the office during a regular dental implant procedure. The process has been very successful for us and we continue to use it.”


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Dr. Terranova is committed to providing his patients with precision in his technique as well the neccessary experience that is need in solving complex periodontal issues in patients with other co-morbidities. He has over 40 years experience in periodontics and oral surgery. He has placed thousands of implants throughout a 40 year career and is one of the most educated and accomplished periodontists and oral surgeons in the New York area.



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