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Dental Extractions Hastings-on-Hudson

Dental Extractions Hastings-on-Hudson

There may be just one procedure that patients are more uncomfortable with than a root canal, and that’s extraction. But a tooth extraction is really nothing to fear. Modern anesthesia and technology make dental extractions more comfortable than ever. In addition, Dr. Shay Markovitch and our team have a gentle touch and years of experience, so you will be in great hands.

Why may I need a tooth extraction?

Although you visit the dentist regularly and take care of your teeth at home, problems can still arise. Tooth extractions are necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

    • Severe decay or infection

    • Malformed or extra teeth

    • Severe gum disease

    • Preparation for braces

    • Fractured teeth

Dental extractions for oral health

At Hastings on Hudson Dental Arts, we take a conservative approach to your dental health. Dr. Shay Markovitch will make every effort to repair your tooth with a restorative dentistry procedure before moving to extraction as an option. Teeth compromised by decay can sometimes be repaired with a tooth-colored filling, root canal, inlay or onlay, or a dental crown. However, an extraction may be necessary to remove an irreparable tooth.

Orthodontics is designed to straighten teeth, but if your mouth is overcrowded, orthodontics alone won’t do the trick. Prior to receiving braces or undergoing Invisalign treatments, Dr. Shay Markovitch may recommend extraction. By removing teeth, we can reduce crowding and achieve the best possible results from your orthodontic treatment.

If you have been told that you need an extraction, or if you are our current patient and Dr. Shay Markovitch recommends extraction, rest assured that our gentle team will put your comfort and safety first. Call to schedule your consultation with family dentist and cosmetic Dr. Shay Markovitch today. 


Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are not commonly removed in an emergency appointment, as there is usually some consideration given to the pros and cons of extracting or retaining some or all of the wisdom teeth.

There are common problems associated with wisdom teeth, such as difficulty cleaning hard to reach areas; crowding as teeth move and grow; infection collecting in impacted teeth. Should any pain or problems arise from discomfort in your wisdom teeth, contact us. Cleaning and scaling processes can often alleviate problems and create some breathing space until a more permanent solution to the issue is reached.

What should I do if I think that I need a tooth extracted?

Make an appointment to see the dentist or oral surgeon. The dentist or oral surgeon will determine if the tooth can be saved or not. If not they will make arrangement to have the tooth extracted. 

Call our office today on 914-693-0199 for an appointment.