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Cosmetic Fillings Hastings-on-Hudson

We offer composite fillings ( cosmetic fillings ) at our Hastings-on-Hudson office for patients looking to safely remove amalgam fillings 

Dr. Shay Markovitch reccomends the  placement of white fillings made from composite resin for all fillings over amalgam. These composite fillings offer several advantages over traditional amalgam (silver) fillings. They are cosmetically more pleasing because the composite can be matched to the color of the surrounding tooth. The composite resins bond to the surrounding tooth, require less removal of the original tooth structure than silver fillings, and actually make the tooth stronger, while amalgams weaken the teeth. 

For well over 150 years, whenever an individual had a cavity, this problem area would generally be filled in through utilizing a mixture of different metal materials. These materials were generally either silver or mercury. It was not odd to see dark grey areas in an individual’s mouth whenever they smiled or opened their oral cavity.

However, today individuals no longer have to be burdened with the appearance of grey areas within their smile, thanks to composite fillings. These fillings are made from resins that are designed to match an individual’s color shade of their teeth. Inadvertently, once these fillings are applied they become invisible.

Composite fillings will also provide an individual with an optimum seal for their affected tooth region, so any additional tooth decay can be ceased. The factors that we evaluate in order to determine if composite fillings are a good choice are:

    • The surface area and size of the area that needs to be filled in

    • The location of where the affected area lies

    • Allergies that the patient may suffer from

    • The patients preference that involves the metals that are used within an individual’s mouth

    • If the procedure is beneficial cosmetically in opposition to having a tooth shaded via fillings

However, special techniques  must be used when placing composite fillings on back teeth. If special care is not taken to keep the tooth completely free from saliva during placement of the composite filing, the material will not properly bond to the tooth. Patients who have had poorly placed white fillings have reported complications like increased sensitivity of the tooth or early failure of the restoration.

Schedule an Appointment today to discuss composite fillings or replacing your amalgam fillings.

It is important to choose a dentist with the experience, knowledge and comfort level to perform this kind of procedure well. Dr. Shay Markovitch and his outstanding team has been using these types of composites for fillings and cosmetic dental bonding for years with excellent results. 

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